What is Nest Pretty?

Nest Pretty is a Lifestyle and a choice.

It’s all about:

Choosing quality over quantity!

Surrounding yourself with only what’s beautiful and useful!  

Choosing to REPRESENT as the best version of yourself everyday….no excuse!  

Making healthy, balanced choices for you and your family.

Simplifying EVERYTHING so that you’ll have more time to enjoy what’s important to you!

Sound Complicated?

Sometimes we just need a little help, some outside perspective, to see our wardrobes from another viewpoint.  
I can help with a balanced, respectful evaluation.
Don’t be scared.  I promise, you’ll walk away with closet you love, more confidence, self-love and respect for what you own.

How does Young Living fit in?

Here’s my story:
My health and hormones shattered leaving me to pick up the pieces.
My goal was to benefit my body in ways I could CONTROL which included controlling my lifestyle by getting more rest and exercise and eliminating the chemicals used in my home and on my body.
I fell in love with Young Living when I first read their story and commitment to the purity and power of the oils.
They’ve taken the guesswork out of the last pieces of my chemical-free lifestyle for example: toothpaste, skin care, and home cleaners and makeup.
It’s a company that I trust and I love to share! It’s also very Nest Pretty since it simplifies my shopping. I go right past all those aisles in the store and have my plant based products delivered right to my door.