Challenging Your Systems

This week on the Nest Pretty blog we spoke about examining our “systems” to see what is working and what was not working.
Were you thinking: “What systems?” “My only system is getting to the bathroom before my husband so I have more mirror time first thing in the morning!”
I’ll give you an example of an evolving “system” that has been slowly improving.


Moving into a new space requires brainstorming that may span months until a mutually acceptable solution is found.
My challenge was to provide an acceptable landing pad for all the items in Mr. Nest Pretty’s pockets.

  • 1st attempt:  A small silver tray to catch the keys, glasses, wallet, change etc. etc. etc.
  • Problem: His wallet was visible in the entranceway (security issue) and a potential mess for visitors to see immediately upon arriving.
  • 2nd attempt:  A tray in the office.  Larger and out of the entranceway to provide security.
  • Problem: Larger tray=larger mess and because the tray was several steps from the front door items were still deposited between the front door and tray.
  • 3rd attempt: A dresser drawer with organizing trays.
When I had an opportunity to grab a free dresser that perfectly matched my decor I was ecstatic thinking Landing Pad!  Larger footprint but potentially providing tons of storage and to hide the landing pad.  Now we both have a landing pad.  His is the top drawer and mine is the second.  I love that I always know where my keys are!

These improvements were born from frank conversations with Mr. and realizing that just as much as I was not happy with the display of his pockets he was not comfortable with all of his pockets being on display.

Diffusing Clarity also helps whenever I’m brainstorming & organizing!
Clarity™ blends Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, and other essential oils for an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness.

Is the system PERFECT?  Not yet.  But it keeps getting better with an occasional conversation and some brainstorming.

So, for this week I challenge you to make an improvement on one of your “systems“.  Don’t worry about perfecting the system just focus on making small improvements.

The feeling I enjoy when I challenge my families systems:

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