Color Palette Challenge—How To Choose A Color Palette For Your Wardrobe

Isn’t this too much color for a capsule wardrobe?

Last week we talked about neutrals being the foundation of your capsule wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you should be scared of having color in your closet. In fact, wearing color appropriately is an art in itself.

The question of what colors should be in your wardrobe is an intriguing one, but in the end, there is no one-color-suits-all. Choosing a color palette is entirely personal and subjective. It might be a little confusing or even intimidating, but, rest assured, it can be done.

How to Begin

To start, look at the colors you already possess. What are your primary colors? In other words, what colors dominate your wardrobe? If it helps to better visualize what you have, organize your closet by color.

Once you have identified which colors dominate, how many are neutrals? Neutral colors are black, navy, gray, brown, tan/camel, cream, and white. These colors should make up at least half of your wardrobe.

What Are your favorite colors?

Now look again at your color spectrum. What are your secondary or complementary colors? So after your neutral base, which colors do you favor more—greens, blues, reds, pinks, or yellows? Separate the top two and put them alongside your neutrals.

Then ask yourself why—why do you have so much of, say, greens and blues? Do they flatter your skin tone? Do they bring out the color of your eyes? Do you just really LOVE that emerald green?

This is the trick. It’s okay to have color in your wardrobe, but what do you LOVE? Why buy that red shirt if you don’t like or look good in red?

Why choose a specific color palette?

Knowing what colors look good on you is so important! It simplifies your life. And when you get dressed, you always know that what you have on helps you look your best, and because of that, you have CONFIDENCE.

After all this, you can still include fun accent colors like salmon, coral, orange, purple, or chartreuse. But accent colors are for just that, to accent or highlight—to throw a spotlight briefly on your fabulous wardrobe. Shoes, bags, belts, scarves, or cardigans can all help in livening up your closet.

But don’t choose colors just for the sake of having color. Buy and wear only what you love!

If you feel overwhelmed and need more personalized assistance, I am here to help. Give me a call! Let’s get you started with a color palette that even Picasso himself would approve!

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