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A funny thing happens when you have a child—life completely changes. It’s like your existence B.C. (Before Child) and C.E. (Child Enters) seem like two different eras. Your life begins to revolve around them. All the priorities or friendships you once had, and any future financial decisions you would have made, change when children come along. And isn’t it true that the longer your child is with you, the harder it is to remember what life was like without it? That was how it was for me when I got my first child—a smartphone.
It was a Samsung Galaxy S4, Mist Black with gorilla glass, and I gave it my unconditional love. It was with me everywhere I went and before long I couldn’t imagine ever living life without it. In fact, sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night just to make sure it was charging okay. If it was out of my sight for more than two minutes, I went into a panic and would tear the place apart until I found it. I really did love that phone. But as we all know, technology grows up, and soon it was time for my Galaxy to leave the nest. So when I got a new “kid”—my iPhone 7S—I also decided to get a new, sophisticated toy—a handcrafted cradle. It’s called the Pinnacle.
And I am in love with my Pinnacle. It’s practical, beautiful, sleek—just perfect for my new iPhone. When I’m at home, I find myself wishing I had one for every room, that way my phone is always resting comfortably, ready whenever I need it. I use it for cooking, watching movies or YouTube, exercising, and reading. At night it sits next to my bed, since my phone is also my alarm clock. I even use it to hold my phone in the office for videoconferences. The more I use it, the more uses I find for it. The possibilities are endless. And here’s the crazy thing—I feel like for the first time, instead of my life revolving around my phone, my phone is working for, and revolving around, me (by the way, it also spins).
For example, while FaceTiming my boss, I used to hold my phone in my left hand while writing or typing with my right. This meant that, at some point during our meeting, my boss was looking straight up my nose. But since I began to use the Pinnacle, I have both hands free to take notes. My boss sees my face, not my sinuses, and the meetings feel much more professional. Needless to say, my boss loves my Pinnacle too.
This cradle has helped me to nestpretty, enabling me to multitask and do things that I was never able to do hands-free. Because it is weighted perfectly, I can now scroll or type on my phone while it is upright without it falling over. I use it while cooking all the time because it’s up off the counter, and it stays safe because it’s up out of the mess.
 No more propping it up with books, keyboards, pillows, tissue boxes, DVDs, vases, plates, glasses, or pots and pans. My Pinnacle is heavy, solid, architecturally pleasing, and durable. In fact, I am sure the Pinnacle will outlive the iPhone X, XV, and XX.
I can’t remember what life was like before my smartphone, but I can tell you, now I don’t want to go back to what my life was like before the Pinnacle either. Everything has changed, and for the better. So as you contemplate the future “children” you will purchase, think about how the Pinnacle can help you nestpretty and use your smart devices to their maximum ability so that they really work for, and revolve around, you. The places you can use the Pinnacle are endless. As I always say, quality=value. The quality of this handcrafted cradle will outlive generations of phones and tablets—that is real value. So above all, show your “child” just how much you love it. Buy it what it deserves—the best. Buy it the Pinnacle.

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