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Nest Pretty Challenge Week 9
So, let’s finish in the kitchen with a clean oven.  This without a doubt can be very challenging especially if you haven’t done this on a regular basis.  
In this week’s blog we spoke about using Thieves to clean our oven.  This is an all natural plant based cleaner infused with essential oils.
It is NOT like the commercial chemical EASY-off.  It does take some work.  However, if you are committed to a chemical-free lifestyle than I think it’s worth it.  As I sprayed my thieves cleaner into my oven there was spray that came right back in my face…’s ok!  It’s just clove and lemon and rosemary….Here were my results:

I hate spending my weekend cleaning so consider these suggestions:
  • Clean only one side per week.  
  • If you are able to use a natural plant based product than get your kids involved! Turn it into a competition with the whole family.  Assign each member a side and see who does the best job.  Reward accordingly!
  • Set a timer and be happy with what you get accomplished in that set time.  

Click here to learn more about how to get started using Thieves

The feeling I enjoy when my oven is shiny and clean?
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