decide once and avoid decision fatigue

Decide once and simplify your life.

Summer is almost over. Kids will be heading back to school next week. The cooler fall air will soon push our warm, humid summer evenings off into 2020. Are you ready?

With a busy summer behind me, and an even busier fall ahead of me, I continue trying to make decisions only once—and it saves me so much time! What do I mean?

Avoid Decision Fatigue

Did you know we only have so many decisions in our decision purse every day? It’s true. It’s not like we’re Mary Poppins and can pull more mental capacity out of our carpet bag. After we use up our mental energy, we could end up with decision fatigue.

However, certain choices are no-brainers. For example, eating, drinking, sleeping—we do these things every day. And our most important spiritual activities are non-negotiable as well. We don’t even have to think about them, we just do them. 

That’s why I try to decide once on things that I do regularly—then I make it part of my routine. It’s no longer a decision, it’s just what I do. It could be something I do every day, every week, every month, every quarter, or every year.

So below is an example of three things that I do routinely every quarter. This month, I am going to change out the following:

capsule wardrobe

This week is a good time to change out my summer wardrobe for my fall wardrobe. Here in Florida, it has been absolutely gorgeous the past few weeks, but I absolutely love the summer. But now it’s just beginning to cool, and since I am heading up to the northeast in a couple of weeks, I should probably pull out my warmer clothes and get them ready for wear.

Air Conditioner filter

I change the air filter in my home every three months—no negotiation. The cleaner the air is in my home, the better I feel.


This can be a harbinger of bacteria. If I don’t change it out regularly, I could end up with an eye infection. So I throw it out, whether it’s finished or not, and use a fresh mascara every three months.

These are just three things that I do regularly, which I decided to make part of my routine. What do you do regularly? I would love to know what else I can add into my routine, so please leave a comment below and tell me what you’ve added to yours!

So there’s no need to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, decide once, and leave some room in your decision purse for decisions that really count. Those perfect fall evenings are on their way, so get out there and enjoy them!

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