Decide Once!

Week 43:

Every home has countless items that need regular maintenance, replacements of parts, cleaning and/or attention to details to keep them running and useful.


If you make a list like I just did you may resort to overwhelm thinking there’s no way I will remember all of that!

Heaven forbid the A/C guy asks you, “When was the last time you changed this filter?”

The more we have the more we need to maintain….. And most things are worth the effort to maintain…hello espresso maker…..I love you…..

But instead of resorting to overwhelm or worse yet denial, just DECIDE ONCE!

This week I shared on the blog how my car’s key fob battery died leaving me to do a series of acrobatic moves to get me home. 
I now have a reminder set in my phone’s calendar to remind me to put a fresh battery in next year same time!

The feeling I feel when I decide once:


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