Drawer Wars–How to Thin Out Your Dresser

Are your dresser drawers bloated? When you go to pull out a top, pair of pants, or a sweater, do you find yourself in a tug of war? After it’s been in the “clink” do you have iron it a second time so people don’t think your clothes are stored in a bag?

Then you need to carry capsule wardrobe principles into you bureaus as well.

Granted, underwear and exercise attire don’t usually count toward a capsule wardrobe. But how many sets of pajamas, camisoles, sports bras, sweaters, jogging pants, or jeans do you have? How many do you truly need?

Are your clothes tucked away so tightly that you can’t bring out one drawer without the one above it coming with it? Shoving your drawers closed as you push your apparel down is the equivalent of laying on the bed to button and zip up your pants. (Do they actually fit if you can’t eat or drink while wearing them?)

Digging through piles of semi-folded clothes hoping to find an elusive pair of socks is not my idea of a stress-less morning. Why not use spring cleaning to organize, not just your closet, but your dresser drawers as well? If your drawers are fat with excess attire, then they are just waiting–begging–to be thinned out. 

Purge Your Drawers

Empty all your drawers onto your bed one at a time. Look at every item and ask yourself the same questions you asked yourself about the items hanging in your closet:

  • Does it fit?
  • ​Do I love it?
  • Does it look good on me?
  • Do I feel amazing in it?

Just because some of these items are intimates, doesn’t mean that these questions are any less important to ask. You know what’s touching your body and how it makes you feel. So honestly evaluate what you have in front of you.

What Do You Really Need?

You don’t really need a camisole in every color. It’s highly unlikely that the lime green cami that you’ve held onto for ten year–and never worn–will magically match something in your new and improved, simplified wardrobe. Just a few camisoles in basic colors–black, white, and nude–is all you need.

You don’t really need that many pajamas. If you like sleeping in the nude, or wearing your husband’s t-shirts to bed, then why do you have a drawer full of pajamas? Thin out your pajama drawer and keep only what you actually wear.

If you have a pair of pjs that are presentable, that may be a good thing to keep for when you have company, at least if you intend to walk around your house when they’re there.

You don’t really need a pair of jeans in every shape and color. After all, it’s not like they’re handbags. (You don’t really need that many hand bags either.) Keep one pair of skinny and one pair of boot-cut jeans. Make sure you can breathe, walk, talk, eat, and drink when you wear them. In other words, make sure they fit well.

These are just a few simple reminders to help you trim down what is in your bureaus.

So if you want to get rid of the bloat in your drawers then it’s time to Nest Pretty. Simplify your life and continue to purge your wardrobe. Don’t cram, push, shove, or tug at the clothing into your dressers anymore. By getting rid of your unwanted and seldom used items you will make your drawers feel thin again.

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