Fall:  Back to the Future

Week 42:

“Isn’t that something your bury in the ground?”  A recent response I got when I mentioned my capsule wardrobe.  CONFUSED?  The idea is not new.  In some cultures today a capsule wardrobe is just a way of life.  Closets are minuscule and there are no mini-storages to hide the addictions.
Hyper focusing on our wardrobe one season at a time ensures we are not dressed like a blast from the past…
Choosing quality over quantity dignifies the dressing routine and requires respect for ones possessions.
It’s also time to change our mascara to ensure a healthy beauty routine!  This is my favorite clean mascara!


The feeling I feel when I have a fresh wardrobe, mascara, and a beautiful bronzer to simplify my beauty routine without compromising my health for beauty?

Crowned All Over

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