Fall Back

All good things come to end, and this summer is no exception. Leaves are changing up north, the air is drying out (except for hurricane Michael), and the kids are back in school. So do you know what that means? Wait for it…
Time for another capsule wardrobe changeover!

My love for a capsule wardrobe is unwavering. I love that I don’t waste time trying to makes decisions about what I am going to wear. I love the simple convenience of a basic wardrobe filled with high quality, classic pieces that I look and feel good in. And I love…that I have the smaller closet.

However, I do realize that a capsule wardrobe is not for everyone. While simplifying your apparel has its benefits, it also comes with its own unique challenges.

For example, I recently had to take several items from my current capsule to be altered (buttons, hems, waistbands, etc.), which left me with even fewer options.  

I had two meetings that week but, due to my reduced capsule, I ended up wearing the same dress to both. An astute young woman, who also attended both meetings, asked me if I loved the color navy. I knew exactly why she was asking and she later confirmed that, yes, in fact, she wanted to know why I was wearing the same dress again!

I guess I should have paid more attention to how often I wore the dress while my clothes were being altered. A few days after the young woman confronted me about my love of navy, I was also heckled by someone else who, when I wore a white dress, said: “Oh that dress looks good on you. At least it’s not NAVY!”

Therefore, this summer I learned a very important lesson for the capsule wardrobe aficionado: Next time I find my wardrobe in need of maintenance, try to get through the entire season before taking the items in. The time to get clothes altered is after my next seasonal changeover.

Despite this seasons’ limitations, though, I was always dressed appropriately, modestly, and comfortably! I still love the freedom my capsule wardrobe affords me. Join me on Saturday and watch me change my summer capsule to my fall capsule live on Facebook.

Why not try it yourself? If you would like to see if a capsule wardrobe could work for you, click this link and contact me at Nest Pretty.

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