From Black & White to Technicolor

It was the moment every girl dreams of. My husband handed me the credit card and told me to “Go shopping.” Before you become chartreuse with envy, I must tell you, it was nowhere near the Pretty Woman moment I hoped it would be. Before leaving for my big adventure, I was reminded of our mortgage and car payments, and given a budget. And the shopping mall wasn’t anywhere near Rodeo Drive. So now that I brought you out of Hollywood and back to reality, I’d like to begin our “Capsule-Wardrobe” month with how my closet went from drab to fab.
If my closet could talk, it would’ve been subtitles in a Charlie Chaplin movie. My go-to color combo was black and white and, after four years of marriage, my husband wanted me in a different hue. I knew looking for colors and patterns that worked for me would be a challenge, so I phoned a friend to come to my rescue. I couldn’t ask for my husband’s help, or the friend that let me go all day with a piece of lettuce stuck in my front teeth. No way. For this project I pulled out the big guns. I called the one friend I could count on for absolute truth. The friend that tells me that I have “PMS face,” or that my “hairdresser must have been on drugs,” or “the only person that has more makeup on (than me) is trying to kill Batman.” I needed brutal honesty. It’s the only way this kind of closet overhaul would work.
At the beginning of the day, I started looking for colors close to my comfort zone, like…charcoal gray. For tops, I branched out beyond white and risked trying… off-white, vanilla, and cream (I knowriskyright?).  Then, in an amazing first step toward an actual color palette, I let my friend talk me into trying a really crazy solid color — brown. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised, it actually wasn’t horrible. So I began looking for other basic elements in colors like navy, light gray, and camel. As the day wore on, and my friend wore me down, I started to take a walk on the wild side. I tried yellow,  “You looked jaundiced.” Oatmeal, “Friends don’t let friends wear Quaker Oats.” Then came blue, green, red, lavender, purple, pink, and orange. I was surprised at the colors that flattered my skin tone and even more surprised by the ones that didn’t. After nine hours, three espressos, two large cookies, and one incredibly bruised ego later, my wardrobe was starting to look a little less like Charlie Chaplin and a little more like La La Land.
Incorporating color into your everyday wardrobe adds variety and spice to your life and it’s another way to Nest Pretty. But did you know that people wear only 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Would you like to know how can you take the stress out of getting dressed?  Visit us next week at and find out how.

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