Get Your Ducks in a Row

Several years ago, my good friend lost her father-in-law after he suffered for years from a prolonged illness. After the funeral, the truly stressful part of the loss began—trying to locate all the important papers he left behind.
She affectionately called her father-in-law an “organized hoarder.” Everything had a place, but he kept absolutely everything, even the registration for his 1928 Indian motorcycle, that he bought when he was just 19 years old!

So finding all of the necessary important papers was so much more difficult because she had to go through bags, stacks, drawers, and cabinets full of paperwork. The deeds to the house and cars, bank account information, credit card information, life insurance, pension and social security—it was all in there, but buried along with everything else.
It seemed as though they were digging through papers for weeks trying to find what they needed and they could get it all straightened out. What did they need? What should they keep? What could they throw away?
After listening to her experience, I was determined not to do the same to my loved ones. For sure, it can be difficult—even confusing—when you try to think about what your family or friends will need to know if or when you die.
As all of you Nesters know, I feel it’s important to be organized and prepared for just these kinds of scenarios, within reason of course. But how do I know what information my family needs me to file away before I start pushing up the daises? Or just in case of an emergency? And then where am I supposed to keep it?

I can’t fit another thing in my go-bag, at least not without taking out my 20 gallons of water. So I did some research and found a program that is amazing. I am so excited to share with you.
It’s called
Ducks in a Row. The program is self-explanatory. All you need to do is gather information—your personal info, your children’s info, employment history, current resume, credit report, medications, vehicles, valuables inventory, utilities, taxes, funeral instructions, even your pet’s information. This program records it all and keeps it organized and at your fingertips.

You can gather as much or as little information as you want—it’s up to you. Then you can store it in the Cloud or put it on a thumb drive. If you put it on a thumb drive, just be sure to keep in a secure place, like a safety deposit box. Then just let your family know where it is located and how it can be accessed. It’s that simple. 
It’s fabulous—I highly recommend it, and I have made it available in the Nest Pretty store. Click on this
link to check it out and to buy your own personal download for only $99.
Having all of your important documents in one place will not only lessen your stress in the event of an emergency, but it will also give you and your family peace of mind knowing that everything is in order. So make a small choice that will help to make your life a little more beautiful and stress-free. Choose to Nest Pretty by getting your Ducks in a Row today!

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