Grease Monkey

For many years, my oven was always my biggest headache when I would spring clean my kitchen. Before I went chemical-free, I was forced to immerse my oven and my lungs in an Easy-off bath. Cleaning my oven always left me traumatized and gasping for air.
The whole experience was made worse by the fact that I had to become a contortionist in order to get that nasty chemical off of every surface. Frankly, the last thing I needed was the chemical to kill me slowly a second time by a toxic cloud once I turned my oven back on.
So I tried some all-natural ways of cleaning it, but they were all a pain, and always required me to do more scrubbing than I wanted to.
But now that I have a self-cleaning oven, my life is so much easier. The high temperature just superheats the oil, grease, and food bits until they turn to ash. So I turn my oven on when I leave for work and, by the time I get home, presto!—It’s ready for me to wipe out. I’m done in five minutes. Life is good.
But what if you don’t have a self-cleaning oven and don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean it? Are you stuck scrubbing your arms off with baking soda and steel wool? Never fear—an all-natural cleaner is here!


Young Living’s Thieves All-Purpose Cleaner is amazing. Not only does it clean and sanitize, but it also can cut through years of grease! You can use it like you would any other chemical-laden oven cleaner but without taking years off of your life. Here’s how to use it:

Oven prep
Pick up your liner if you have one, and vacuum or sweep up all the loose bits and chunks.

Spray down your oven
Coat the interior with Thieves All-Purpose cleaner. A 1:1 ratio is good if you have ignored your oven for years; otherwise, a 1:2 ratio works just fine. Leave the racks in there and they will also shine up nicely. After an overnight soak, then you’re ready to:

Put on your gloves
Even though this is an all-natural cleaner, use gloves. It’s natural, but powerful.

Get a scrubbin’
If your oven is in good condition, a microfiber cloth is all you will need. But if you work your oven like a rented mule, you may need to have a non-abrasive scrub pad on stand-by.

Use a damp cloth to wipe out the excess Thieves and…
Voila! A clean oven—ready to be greased up again. I love a clean and shiny oven so I clean mine twice a year to keep the mess manageable.

Young Living has allowed me to do what I love: keep my house clean and sanitized without using chemicals. I encourage you to try Young Living’s cleaning products. Don’t take a bath in commercial, household cleaners anymore. Give your chemicals a heave and just use Thieves!

Click here to get started using Thieves in your home!

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