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When I started my series of blogs this month, I had no intention of mentioning animal droppings, feces, or fecal matter quite as often as I did. However, the topics lent themselves to just that very thing. So when wondering what I should discuss this week, I thought to myself, ‘why stop there’? Let’s just work with the theme, shall we? This week, though, I thought I would take a different slant on what has become Septic-tember.


A few years ago, I was sent a link to a commercial on YouTube for a product called Poo-pourri. To this day, I still think it is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. But the product itself also intrigued me because it’s an all-natural blend of essential oils. So when I finally saw Poo-pourri in the checkout line at my local store, I couldn’t resist any longer. I splurged and bought myself a bottle.

The next time I was about to “punish the porcelain,” I decided to give it a try. While I thought everything smelled refreshingly like lavender-vanilla, the real test would be what Judah thought in the aftermath. As soon as I “logged out,” my husband walked in, and his reaction was priceless—he had none. No comments, no burning eyes, no gag reflex—it was amazing. He had no clue I had just “fired the cannon.” I was a believer!

Okayenough with the poo-phemisms. Seriously, the genius behind Poo-pourri is that essential oils create a barrier on the surface of the water that traps the odors emanating from your solid waste. So when your little tushy tots hit the water, they break the barrier releasing the scent of the oils. However, just as quickly as the barrier is broken, it closes once again, trapping the solids (with their remaining aroma) under the water.

The product really does work! And I would be happy to keep a constant supply in the house, except for one thing—I hate the price tag. Ten dollars for a four-ounce bottle? There had to be a better way to mask the stench when “releasing the hounds.” I did my research—thank you once again Pinterest—and found a DIY solution that I love and wanted to share with you.

All you need is:
-A 4-oz spray bottle or a larger one for the bathroom that gets the most use;
-3 ½ oz distilled water (use this as your base);
-½ oz rubbing alcohol or vodka (this acts as a stabilizer);
-1 tsp vegetable glycerin (emulsifier); and
-20 drops of the essential oils of your choice (I like Eucalyptus and Spearmint, but Orange, Bergamot, and Lemongrass is also delightful.) You can make any combo you wish to, whatever inspires you.

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, you’re ready to shake, spray, and sit. One of the things I love most about making my own before-you-go spray is that I have replaced yet another chemical with something natural. And it’s economical too! A family of four will go through that $10 bottle of Poo-pourri in no time (at least judging by my little family of two). But one bottle of this homemade spray costs as little as $.20. In fact, it’s so cost effective, you could almost call it Poo-For-Free!

And if you forget to spray before you go, no need to fret. It also works well as a room deodorizer. In fact, if you prefer, use the same recipe above—minus the glycerin—and voila! You have a natural room spray that is customized to your liking and can be used anywhere in the house.

So, this week, choose to Nest Pretty and make your own natural room deodorizers. Whether you decide to use it before you go, after, or as a general air freshener, replacing your chemical room sprays, scented candles, or plug-ins with essential oils is a good thing. It’s another way you can keep your family happy, under budget, and above the wellness line. 

​Click here to get started making your own essential oil blends.

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