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l love slow, relaxing evenings. Just me and my husband, a glass of wine, garlic and onions sautéing, and Andrea Bocelli playing softly in the background. Unfortunately, evenings like those just don’t come around very often. It seems we are always running from one place or activity to another, with barely enough time to swallow our meal, let alone savor it. Since time is so precious, I’m always looking for simple ways to make the most of the time I have. 

Economy in the home is about more than just saving money. It’s about saving time, energy, and space. For years I lived with a tiny apartment kitchen, so any kitchen gadget I bought had to somehow fit into the “Rubik’s Cube” or it wasn’t allowed to enter.

I prided myself on my simplistic, economic approach. I kept the microwave, Kitchen Aids, and Vita-Mixes out of my diminutive kitchen so I could use what space I had to the full. I didn’t care if it bashed, chopped, or sang me to sleep—if it didn’t fit, it had to split.

Now, however, I have a larger kitchen that I could fill with every possible gadget that promises to make my life easier. The problem is that I don’t have the time to use all of them. And I don’t want to spend money or lose space for something I won’t use very often. I want my kitchen and its gadgets to work for me. I need them to help me…help me. 

So after a prolonged search, I found two gadgets that I absolutely love and can recommend. These kitchen tools have helped to make my life easier and are worth both the money and the space. They allow me to economize my time and to even make simple homemade dinners on “school nights.”


    Insta-Pot—It’s all in the name. It does everything in just minutes! It makes yogurt, rice, soup, stew, and can even cook a whole chicken in no time at all.

​    When I first bought it, I wondered if I would really use it, but now I find myself cooking with it almost every day. I am so glad I put it in a very convenient spot.

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Freshware Chopper—While I have always dreamed of being a professional chef (okay, not really), Giada DeLaurentis I am not (my smile is not as big). That’s why I love the Freshware Chopper.

   This little gadget makes all of my vegetables look like they were professionally chopped—in just seconds—literally! It’s like having a Sous chef in the kitchen with me. It saves me so much time (and tears when chopping onions).

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I also economize space in my kitchen by keeping the utensils that I use the most in a convenient place—within reach. Even though I wear a Fitbit and love to reach my step goal every day, I don’t want to waste my energy walking all over the kitchen to find what I need. So I continually take stock of what I have, what I use most, and what I use rarely. Then I put these items in places that make the most sense.

By economizing your kitchen, you will save time, energy, and space. Make your kitchen work for you by buying only the gadgets that will truly help you. Reevaluate your kitchen tools and utensils and put them where they will benefit you the most.

You may not always get to enjoy a glass of wine while being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli as you cook, but there are ways to lower your stress and maximize your time. Economize your kitchen and you may finally have a chance not just to taste, but even savor your meal.

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