Honey, I Shrunk the Closet!


            Do you have a hard time finding clothes in your closet? Are your clothes wrinkled beyond recognition even though you just ironed them? Do your hangers overlap, causing you to pull out several items at once? Then you may be suffering from what is known as “tiny closet-itis,” a terrible disease that afflicts the vast majority of women. Other symptoms may include fatigue, stress, and frustration while getting dressed, and ironing board overuse. The only known cure is very expensive–a custom home with a large walk-in closet. Because of this, many that suffer from this disease are forced to live with it and must reduce their trips to the mall. I have also suffered from this disease, but I have found some effective “therapies,” or closet tools, that continue to help me maximize the space I have. When properly applied, they can greatly reduce the daily symptoms of “tiny closet-itis.”

Slim Velvet Hangers: I love them! They make your closet look beautiful and well-organized. What’s really great is that nothing ever slips off. My blouses and dresses stay where my blouses and dresses belong—at eye level—instead of on the floor. By using these hangers I gained back at least a third of my closet space.

Hanging Shoe Storage: I want to see all of my shoes, but I don’t want to play a game of Twister just to get to them. “Left foot on red” and “right foot on green” is NOT the way I want to start my day. I don’t have the space to display all of shoes in open shelves like toe candy, the way I want to, so below is a link to what is, in my opinion, the next best thing—a hanging shoe holder. It stores ten pairs of shoes, hangs neatly in my closet, and lets me see all of my choices at a glance. Incidentally, if you have less than ten pairs (not likely), it also works nicely for storing scarves. 
Double Hanging Rod: I’ve had mine for years, and so far it has been usable in every closet I’ve had. I love it because it really helps me make full use of the vertical space.
Four-tier Skirt Hanger: I wouldn’t necessarily employ these for everyday use, but they are great for storing your off-season skirts.
So if you are also suffering from “tiny closet-itis,” try using these “therapies” to maximize the space you have. You may find the symptoms of this terrible disease greatly reduced and easier to live with. And best of all, you might even be able to go to the mall again.

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