How Can You Best Use Your Time During Lockdown?

How are you spending your time while quarantined? Are you busy or bored? 

I have one friend who is spring cleaning her house, one cabinet, closet, and drawer at a time. Another is learning to dance. I’ve heard some others are learning another language, learning new skills, trying new recipes, reading books, and catching up with shows on Netflix. All good ways to keep yourself occupied.

Now would also be a good time to do the things you have always wanted to do but just never felt you had the time. For example, organizing your home—when do you ever have the time or the bandwidth to organize each room exactly how you like it? Have you wanted to begin a chemical-free journey but haven’t had time to do the research? Have you wanted to learn more about essential oils but don’t know where to begin?

Well since Florida has issued a stay-at-home order, I also want to do things that I don’t feel I ever have enough time to do. I want to help YOU. So I am offering a fantastic “Lockdown with Heidi” Nest Pretty exclusive! 

Purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit from me, and I will give you a FREE two-hour Nest Pretty consultation. The starter kit comes with a diffuser, 12 essential oils, samples of Thieves household cleaner and Ningxia red. So for just $165 you get more than $400 dollars worth of amazing, plant-based Young Living products and a free, two-hour Nest Pretty consultation with me—worth $150! That is a $550 value for just $165!

We can focus on whatever you would like to focus on—home organization and decluttering, a capsule wardrobe, beginning a chemical-free lifestyle, or essential oils 101. You choose what is most important to you and let’s get started!

We have several weeks ahead of us. Don’t waste another minute. Get started with Young Living and take advantage of the “Lockdown with Heidi” Nest Pretty exclusive offer! Make the most of this lockdown and make it unforgettable by making your home Nest Pretty. 

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