How to Start a Young Living Business

It’s So Easy To Get Started:

1. Purchase a Premium Starter Kit. This gives you a diffuser, 11 oils, and a wholesale membership.
2. Fall in love with your oils! This step is very easy!

3. Sign up for Essential Rewards. This is an Auto-ship program that you can change up til the day it ships! Purchasing 100 PV (personal volume) every month will qualify you to get a check from Young Living. This is tax deductible as the cost of doing business.
Oh, and they don’t call it Essential REWARDS for nothing! Can you say Free oils?

4. Start sharing. This is very easy to do. Have them in your home and on your person and people will ask you about them. You can share on social media, which, HELLO! You can do that from anywhere including your couch!

5. If you help someone to get a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living will reward you with 50.00 plus commissions which adds up fast!

6. Look for other like minded entrepreneurs who want to join you in the business which can happen very organically. That’s when your business will really take off!

7. Key words: Residual Income, Financial Freedom. Stay at Home with Your Kids!

8. If you have questions, or want to join my team contact me!

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