How to Use Your Premium Started kit Part 4—Breakfast

I love my premium starter kit and every oil in it. But sometimes, people shy away from purchasing one because they don’t know how to put all of the products in it to proper use. So I started this series of blogs to show you how I use everything in the PSK—every day.

What oils do I utilize for breakfast? Just four—Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Digize Vitality, and Thieves Vitality. Why are they called “vitality,” and why are the labels white? Good question. Young Living’s vitality oils have been certified by the FDA as safe to ingest. That’s right—you can actually eat/drink them. How many EOs do you know of that are safe enough to ingest? Not many.

So in compliance with the FDA, Young Living labels these bottles with a white label and calls them vitality. Hence, for breakfast, I ingest my favorite oils.

Detoxing and delicious


As you read in my first blog about the PSK, I drink water with a couple of drops of lemon first thing in the morning as a detox. This week, however, I have been doing a little extra and mixing it with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water. This adds an additional leg-up in the way of detoxing. And the great thing is, the lemon oil masks the flavor of the ACV. Win, win. 

Years ago I found a great recipe for yogurt in the French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. It’s made with yogurt, flaxseed oil (Omega 3s), honey, lemon juice, oatmeal, and walnuts. I add a couple of drops of Lemon EO to it to up the lemon intensity. It’s fabulous, so creamy, you have no idea you’re eating yogurt. Contact or direct message me if you want the recipe.

Versatile and refreshing


Yes it wakes me up, cools me down, refreshes me in the shower, and then I sip this incredibly versatile oil in some tea. Just a couple of drops in hot water and I have made the freshest, strongest peppermint tea to have alongside a soft-boiled egg or with my delectable lemon yogurt cream. Another benefit? It also freshens my breath…


When I first smelled this oil, I have to admit, it wasn’t my favorite. But it’s funny how my body begins to crave what it initially hates. It almost has a chocolate-mint element to it, so I love it. If I have a little upset stomach, I take a couple of drops and rub it on my belly. It really is quite soothing. You can also put this in a cup of warm water and drink it as a tea.

I now use Digize all the time—I even diffuse it.  If I know I am going to eat a big meal, I get this oil diffusing before I eat. I can’t always explain why, or the science behind it. It just helps.

Perfect tool for your wellness kit


I know! Can you believe I have waited this long to pull it out of the kit? Thieves is amazing. It’s spicy and aromatic and I am totally addicted. Thieves is one of my favorites tools in my wellness kit, and I love that they give it to you in vitality form so you can take it into your body all three ways—applied to the skin, inhaled, and ingested. This gives you the opportunity for maximum benefits.

For breakfast, however, I mainly use Thieves in my hot water. This is a great way to start my day. Especially if I know I will be encountering illness while I’m out. A cup of Thieves tea puts my body’s defenses on high alert and gives them ammunition. 

My parents (who are so cute!) take in their Thieves and Digize vitality oils every morning on a little pecan sandie. A drop of each, on a cookie, and they got their immune juices flowing. Now I can’t recommend for parents to feed their kids a cookie in the morning before they go to school. But a little cup of tea or a couple of drops on a piece of toast may be just enough to give the little kiddos an extra immune boost before they leave for school. Think about it.

So there you have it, my EO breakfast routine. So far, I have used nine oils/products in the PSK. How will I use the rest? Next week I’ll tell you how I utilize my PSK in my commute to work. Are you excited? I know I am! 

How are you using your PSK? Leave a comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you!

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