How To Use Your Premium Starter Kit Part 1–Waking Up is hard to do

Young Living Premium Starter Kit w/Desert Mist diffuser

I once had a friend tell me, “I would buy a Young Living premium starter kit, but I don’t need all of those oils.” Really? I realize that 12 different oils can be so overwhelming when you’re just beginning your essential oil journey. Perhaps you too have been intimidated by all of the different tools in that particular wellness kit.

So here’s a question: Have you been thinking of investing in a premium starter kit but don’t think or don’t know how you would use all the oils in it? This month begins a 10-part series on all the oils in the kit, their versatility, and how I use them throughout the day. Are you excited? I know I am! Let’s begin with my morning routine.


Invigorating and bright peppermint

There is nothing more exhilarating than starting the day with a whiff of peppermint. I feel energized as soon as that powerful scent hits my sinuses. It’s better than coffee for me because the effects are instant—physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Detoxifying lemon

When I was younger, I was a total water snob and needed a lemon wedge just so I could get a glass of it down the gullet. While I don’t require a lemon wedge to flavor my water anymore, I love a drop of lemon essential oil in my water first thing in the morning. Why?

Lemon is an excellent, mild detoxifier for the liver. First thing in the morning, before you eat breakfast or drink coffee, drink eight-ounces of water with 1-2 drops of lemon EO. It’s a lovely way to start your day and it will help you stay above the wellness line.


Stiff muscles? Tell them to panaway!

Another powerful way to help you body in the morning is by using this oil to help you with joint and muscle stiffness, especially after a night’s rest. You can use it straight, but I love mixing it with a carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil, and rubbing it into my trouble spots.

It is an amazing, invigorating oil blend—Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint—that really helps to get your body moving in the morning.

Ningxia Red

A shot of antioxidants is a great way to start the day

After my lemon water, but before my coffee, I take my daily dose of this amazing antioxidant juice to start the day. My body craves it! I can feel the super wolfberry juice and essential oils coursing through my body in record time.

For me, it’s better than any energy drink on the market. It’s healthy, delicious, with no side effects except feeling amazing afterwards. And who wouldn’t want that as a byproduct of deliciousness?

So this is how I start my day—peppermint to wake me up, lemon to mildly detox my liver, panaway to help my sore, stiff joints and muscles, and Ninxgia Red to fire up those engines.

But that’s not the only way I use the oils in the starter kit. Come back next week to learn which ones I use to get ready to exercise, after a workout, and to get out the door.

How are you using your Premium Starter Kit? I would love to know! Leave a comment or message me. I always love finding new ways to use this kit to the full.

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