How to Use Your Premium Starter Kit Part 2—Workout Routine

Have you been thinking of investing in a premium starter kit but don’t think or don’t know how you would use all the oils in it? Then this series of blogs is for you. I’m am taking each and every item in the kit and telling you how I use them. 

I’m so excited to share how I use the liquid gold in those little amber bottles on a daily basis. Last week I went through my early morning routine with Peppermint, Lemon, Panaway, and Ningxia Red. 

This week I will focus on how I use essential oils in my exercise routine. I use three of my favorites, Peppermint, Raven, and Panaway.


Cool down with some fresh peppermint

Because I use peppermint so often, my body has a quick reaction to it. When I use it in the morning, I not only become more awake and alert, but my heart starts pumping a little faster, especially if I have my workout gear on. Once I’m dressed, that bright fragrance tells my body it is time to get psyched because we’re about to get moving!

I also use this oil while I’m exercising. The benefits are twofold. First, it acts as a natural air conditioner. When it touches my skin, it has a fantastic cooling effect. Not that sweating is bad during a workout, it’s actually very good for releasing toxins. 

But that brings me to the second reason to use it at the gym: it has a great way of masking the smell of sweat—yours or your treadmill buddy’s.


Catch your breath with Raven

Ever workout so hard you can’t seem to catch your breath? Raven is a fab blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ravintsara. The scent is a little minty and a little sweet. This oil is great for opening up the airways, especially if applied to the chest and throat. So if you’re a little short of breath during your spin class, try a little Raven—either applied to your body or in a little kerchief you can keep on your person. Don’t forget to breathe.


Relax those overworked muscles with Panaway.

Last week I mentioned that this oil is good for stiff muscles, but it also helps with muscle fatigue, especially after a workout. The wintergreen gives you that hot and cold sensation like some of topical analgesics on the market, so I LOVE it after a workout.

In fact, sometimes I’ll soak in a Panaway bath after my workout. VERY IMPORTANT: if you are going to soak in a bath with essential oils, especially “hot oils,” don’t forget to MIX them with epsom salt first so they will disperse in the water. You want your muscles and body to receive the most benefit from the oils. The last thing you want is horrible memories burned into…some other orifice in your body. 

So those are the oils I use before, during, and after I exercise. But my morning isn’t over yet. Now I have to get ready to go to work. After my workout, that means it’s shower time! Join me next week when I share with you how I pamper myself in the shower with my premium starter kit.

How are you using your premium starter kit? I would love to know! Leave a comment or message below.

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