How to Use Your Premium Starter Kit Part 3—Pamper Yourself in the Shower

There is nothing like a refreshing shower after a great workout. But why make it ordinary when you can make it extraordinary? By using just a couple of oils from your Premium Starter Kit, you can turn a boring, routine shower… into a mini spa day.


Instant spa day

Yes, peppermint again! It is such an integral part of my morning routine. After using it to help me wake up in the morning and cool off during my workouts, I also love putting a couple of drops in my shower. Once that warm water hits the oil, and the steam envelopes me, it’s like I am instantly transported to the spa around the corner. I begin to breathe deeply, unwind, and by the end I feel refreshed inside and out.

This oil is so versatile, fresh, and stimulating which is why I use it so often. It’s a tool I keep in my wellness kit at all times, and I know you will love it too.


Relaxing for mind and body

Nothing says ‘spa’ like the smell of lavender. It is truly one of those essential oils that needs no introduction. One whiff and I instantly begin to relax, which is exactly what a day at the spa is for. But lavender is for more than just relaxing for the mind and body. It’s moisturizing, calming, and healing for the skin. After a shower, while my pores are still open, I put a couple of drops on my hands and just gently wipe my face.

I also use it on my hair. It is excellent for promoting hair growth and even controlling hair loss. But just like the skin, it is also moisturizing. So of course I add a couple of drops to my wet locks. I love that my hair is shiny and healthy. And of course, I never forget to breathe in deeply.

Thieves Household Cleaner

Clean quickly and naturally

After I finish pampering myself, I like to take a few minutes to refresh and spruce up my shower. As you know, I don’t like letting things pile up. And if something will only take me five minutes to do why not just do it? That’s why I keep a spray bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner in my bathroom.

After a shower, I spray down the walls with the cleaner, do a quick gentle scrub in the trouble spots if need be, and walk away. Shower is clean. Just five minutes—minimal effort—and my shower feels pampered too.

So now I am out of bed thanks to peppermint, lemon, panaway, and Ningxia Red. I squeezed in a workout with peppermint, panaway, and raven. I turned my ordinary, routine shower into a mini spa day with peppermint and lavender, and was even able to clean my shower with Thieves Household Cleaner. What next? Breakfast. What oils do I use from Young Living’s PSK?

What is your favorite oil to use in the bath? How do you use it? Leave a comment below, I would love to know!

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