How to Use Your Premium Starter Kit Part 7–Getting Ready for Dinner

I am so happy to be home. One of the first things I do when I get home from work is change into my swimsuit and head to the pool. There is nothing better than to jump in the water and wash the day away. I don’t spend a long time there—maybe 15-30 minutes—but it’s become part of my routine and helps me de-stress. It’s a small choice I make and it truly makes my day. 

Of course I wish I could spend more time at the pool, but I have things to do when I get home, as I am sure you do too. So how do I utilize my Premium Starter Kit when I get home from work?



First things first—get my lavender diffusing. Nothing else says ‘relax, you’re home’ like the scent of lavender. I like to get it diffusing right away. In fact, I start my diffuser with lavender before I leave for the pool so that the smell of lavender has permeated my living space by the time I get back. 

Lavender is so calming—like therapy in a bottle. I used to have it growing in my garden. I loved sitting right in the middle of my plants and taking deep breaths until I started yawning. Even now, when I smell that familiar aroma, I start to relax right away and begin to yawn. It’s a perfect way to start coming down after a stressful day at work.


I use this little friend before dinner. This is a blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli essential oils. These particular herbs and plants are known for their digestive support, hence the name DiGize. 

When I smelled this oil for the first time, it wasn’t my favorite. It’s very herbaceous and a little sweet—just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, now that I am used to it, and use it all the time, it almost smells like chocolate mint and I LOVE it.

I like to use this oil before meals to promote digestive wellness. But it also works well after a heavy meal. I rub it on my belly if I have a sour stomach or a little indigestion, or sometimes I put a couple of drops in a cup of hot water with a little honey. I guess it’s my cup of tea after all. 

Coming home to a space that relaxes you promotes emotional wellness. Giving your body a boost so it can properly digest your dinner promotes overall wellness. 

DiGize and Lavender are two fantastic tools to keep in your wellness kit and both of them come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Would you like to give them a try? Click on the link below to order your free samples today!

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