Hydrate Your Kitchen Tools

Here is a small challenge that will leave your hands feeling amazing and your cutting boards ready for another round of work.
The wood in my kitchen ranging from cutting boards, knives, wooden spoons, and African  bowls were in desperate need of some conditioning.  It’s no wonder, these powerhouse tools are used constantly and are in and out of water leaving them dry and dehydrated.
Conditioning wood products helps them to resist stains, soiling, moisture and protect them from cracking and splitting.
In the past I always used a commercial product to condition the wood in my kitchen.  It was a mineral oil which is a petroleum product. This time I chose to use natural plant extracts, nut butters, natural oils, that provide benefits to me as I apply it.  For every natural oil I use in my house it is one less chemical that i’m using.  As the gatekeeper of my home I’m choosing to use natural products that will benefit me…not harm me and my family.  It is the small choices that we make everyday that add up….to a beautiful life.

DIY Recipe

5 Tablespoons of grated Beeswax
10 Tablespoons Oilve Oil
10 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
In a double boiler melt these three ingredients together.
Once cooled add:
6 drops of essential oil.  I chose Young Living Cinnamon Vitality
Use a paper towel to wipe down your wooden items.
​Repeat the process 24 hours later.

Nest Pretty Challenge

When we make purchases we must consider the maintenance involved.  If we don’t maintain our purchases we are in effect wasting our hard earned cash!  
The feeling I enjoy when I maintain my belongings?
Don’t forget to share your challenge triumphs on Instagram with #nestprettychallenge2018

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