I Don’t Wanna a New Drug

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The streak is over. I thought I was going to be able to avoid it again but, when Judah came home with a fever, I immediately knew—this one was different and I was going to get it. So I succumbed, accepted my fate, and was down for the count with a virus.

Oddly enough, I didn’t mind. I was actually looking forward to it. Well, not really. But since it has been so long since I’ve been sick, I almost forgot what it was like, which is very different from how it used to be for me.

Several years ago, my immune system decided it was tired of working so hard. At that time, we were full-time volunteers, working and living in a large community of almost two thousand people. As you well know, viruses spread easily when there are that many people in one place. In fact, it becomes a life-sized petri dish. Despite that down side, we loved our life. But then my health started to fail.

The very thing I enjoyed most about my life—the people I lived and worked with—began to make me sick. If one of them had a virus, I would get it, no matter how little of a virus it was. I used to get so angry at people who would insist on coming to work when they didn’t feel well. Because they refused to take a sick day when they were contagious or not quite over their illness, I would get sick and, for me, it could easily last a week or longer before I started feeling better. My immune system was shot. It felt like my body couldn’t defend itself anymore.  

I was doing all I could medically, but I realized that my body needed even more support and I felt I had nowhere to turn. I was at a very low ebb emotionally. It was about that time that a friend told me about Young Living essential oils.

When I began to use them, I was secretly hoping they would be a miracle cure—they weren’t. However, after a short time, I began to notice a difference in how my body responded to the various treatments I was taking. It was almost like the oils were giving my body just the boost it needed to get back into the fight.

It took a while, a couple of years actually, but eventually my body and mind began to recover. My immune system started working again. I’m not sure if it would have recouped quite so quickly if it wasn’t for the oils. But this episode was the spark that eventually ignited my wellness journey.

Since then I have started my chemical-free lifestyle, and the last three years have been amazing. I rarely get sick now. Of course, I also don’t live and work with two thousand people either, which has helped. But since I started using essential oils, I find that I never go down the drug aisle at the grocery store anymore. I don’t spend ridiculous sums of money on quills or drops because I’m desperate to feel better or to endure through a sickness. I also don’t rely on antibiotics that could ultimately kill my microbiome, which I rely on to keep my body and emotions healthy.

I no longer fear going into public when there are more sick people than fruit flies. And I truly don’t get angry when sick people come into public and expose everyone to their plague. I finally feel like my body is fully ready and able to support ME! I am so happy to have these oils that support my overall wellness.

I want to help you feel the same—supported and healthy. Good health is a lifestyle, not a coincidence. So contact me and let’s work together to see what Young Living can do to support your overall wellness.

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