Just Say No

The 80s. A decade that brought us big hair and even bigger teased bangs, stretch pants, acid wash jeans, and HUGE shoulder pads. It also brought us, thanks to Nancy Regan, those three little words encouraging us to “say no to drugs.”

Well, thank goodness, we aren’t in the 80s anymore and most of the above has not been revived…yet. But unlike 80s fashion, the phrase “just say no” should not just live in your high-school memory. As adults, while we may not be faced with constant peer pressure to take drugs, we do have other threats that we need to “just say no” to—threats to our enjoyment of an all-too-short summer.

I am saying no to three things that add a lot of work or stress to my life so that I can revel in my summer even more. In honor of carpe summer, I challenge you to Nest Pretty and join me in ‘just saying no’ to the following:

Junk in the trunk—Keeping weight on or off is a choice. I am not obsessed with my weight, but I am concerned about my overall health and extra weight can become a problem if left unchecked. Plus, as we age, it only becomes more difficult to lose the weight. So I have decided that I am going to say no to packing on the pounds. Why make my life harder than it has to be? Do I really need that piece of salted caramel chocolate cake with chocolate ganache? JUST SAY NO!

Midnight showings—I love the longer days that summer brings, but all that extra sunshine sometimes makes me think it’s earlier than it actually is. I then find myself staying up later than I normally would. But if I let myself lose track of time, I invariably wake up exhausted the next morning and ask myself the same sad question: “Who do you think you are?” I know I’m not as young as I used to be and those late nights will eventually catch up to me. As a teenager, going to bed late never improved the hormonal storm and it certainly doesn’t help now. Sleep is vital for health. So am I staying up to watch SNL? No.

Project: Runway—I don’t know about you but I don’t want to spend my summer indoors. I love the summer sun, so any big projects I am planning can wait until winter (or the next hurricane). Make a running list during the summer for when you have some “down time” forced upon you. For you Northeastern Nesters, think snow days! What time of year would you rather be outside than inside? Think about it and plan your projects accordingly. Say no to big projects…for now.

While ginormous shoulder pads and overly teased bangs may not be coming back in fashion anytime soon, some things from the 80s are worth remembering. The “just say no” campaign became an iconic movement against things that could harm our bodies. I am using this phrase again because I don’t want to harm my summer by adding stress to my life, but rather, I want to enjoy every minute.

Join me in saying no to packing on the pounds, staying up too late, or taking on unnecessary projects. From Nest Pretty to all of you Nesters, I hope you continue to have an incredible, beautiful, stress-free summer because you have chosen to just say no.

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