Just Say Yes!

Saying ‘yes’ can be intimidating—even scary—especially if a ‘yes’ will take you outside of your comfort zone. However, choose to Nest Pretty and choose to carpe summer—make the most out of all three glorious summer months. But if you began this summer with no plans and now find that it’s slipping away from you, then I have three little words for you: Just say yes!
Yes to what? I’m so happy you asked. Let me give you a few things you can say yes to.

Say yes to volunteering—I volunteer every week and I love it! It is so enjoyable and gratifying to know that I have helped someone in need. I do it a few hours every Friday and Saturday. Then, as a reward to myself, I head to the pool or the beach for a couple of hours. I get my vitamin D and the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone today.

  • One bit of advice: If you’re worried about fulfilling other obligations and can’t spend a lot of time in your volunteer work, still say yes. Set a timer—but choose to say yes.

Say yes to last minute guests—This is definitely outside my comfort zone, but with a couple of tricks up my sleeve, I have found I can still choose to say yes. What do I do?

  • I keep a few extra groceries on hand so I can quickly put together a plate of appetizers. I have to confess—one time I served a meatball, some mackerel, and a slice or two of cheese to my last-minute guests. They have NEVER let me forget it! I know they appreciated my hospitality, but now I try to keep an assortment of cheeses, sandwich meats and some fruit on hand to satiate hungry guests. 
  • I keep one simple meal at my fingertips. For example, I always have a crowd pleasing stash of taco meat already prepared and frozen.  The rest of the toppings are just everyday staples that I always have on hand.  SO, with a little advanced preparation and an Instapot  I know can say yes.
  • I always keep a bottle of something on hand if I choose to say yes to a nightcap with good friends. Remember, it’s not about what you serve, but who you are serving it to. Have fun this summer and definitely say yes to last minute guests.

​Say yes to weekends away—a beach front cottage on a hot summer weekend? That’s a definite yes for me.

  • Keep a bag packed with everything you need: hairdryer, curling iron, makeup, shampoo and conditioner, and all of your toiletry essentials. Keep it packed all year long so that all you have to do is add your clothes. Voila! Weekend away? Definitely, YES!

Say yes if someone asks to help you in the kitchen.

Say yes to the dress and get your closet organized.

Thinking of starting a capsule wardrobe? Say yes! Then watch me change out my spring wardrobe for my summer wardrobe live on Facebook, Wednesday, July 18.

Say yes to a summer cleanse. Judah and I are doing another Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse beginning next week on Monday, July 16. Say yes and join me!

Say yes to a Young Living membership. You don’t have to buy a Premium Starter Kit to become a member (though that is the BEST value). Just $45 for the Basic Starter Kit –less than your Costco membership—and you are entitled to the wholesale price. Say yes! Yes to the membership, and yes to the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. You won’t regret either.
Choose to Nest Pretty and carpe summer—make your three glorious summer months count! Don’t let them slip away. Say yes to volunteering, last-minute guests, weekends away, and say yes to Young Living. Make this summer the best summer yet. Make it exciting. How? By just saying YES!

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