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Why shop with a list?


Once a month, usually on the first, I clean my home with an inspector’s eye…and a clipboard. Well, it’s my iPhone, but you get the idea. I walk around and make what I call a “home-essentials” list of any maintenance issues that needs to be addressed (Judah is such a good handyman), and I use the opportunity to look for any decorative touches that could finish a space.
I also look for specific items or “comforts” that could help to make a space more inviting or user-friendly. Sometimes it’s the smallest things—a throw pillow, blanket, lamp, or picture—that can really help to pull a cozy corner together.

Discount home stores are a great place to find those little odds and ends your home needs. However, while most people love looking around and could spend all afternoon imagining how the various tchotchke could fit into the nooks and crannies of their home, I hate wandering aimlessly through those stores.

That’s why I still try to be goal-oriented, even when shopping for fun stuff. In fact, if I didn’t keep a list, I could easily get myself into trouble.

I put my home-essentials list on my phone so that no matter what store I find myself in, I don’t have to pluck my memory to remember what it was that I needed.

Shopping without a purpose is how you end up coming home with a wicker basket, two throw pillows, life-sized giraffe, and a clown-shaped pitcher when all you wanted was a picture frame.
Or maybe instead of a new set of wine glasses, bag of Himalayan sea salt, and three spatulas, you just needed a 10” non-stick frying pan.

Another advantage to keeping a home-essentials list is that the next time your mom calls and says, ‘It’s PRIME DAY! What do you want for your anniversary?’–I can give her ideas of things that I really need or want.

In fact, that’s how I ended up with one of the best gifts ever—my Instapot!!

If you read my blog two weeks ago, then you’d understand why I say that if a jar of pickles can weaken my resolve at Costco, what could heading into a discount home store without a list do to me?

Lists do not just help me recall what I want or need to buy–they also help me remember my priorities and help me keep my budget in check, as long as I stick to them.

So Nest Pretty with me this weekend and walk around your home with an inspector’s eye. Look for things that need maintenance and take the time to think of things that can make that corner of your home cozier and more inviting.

By making a home-essentials list, you can shop with a purpose and leave the life-sized giraffe where it belongs—on the showroom floor.

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