Make a List

Do you clean your home with a detectives perspective?  Think Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew. With an analytical mind clean your home.  What’s working?  What’s not?  How can you improve?  What do you NEED?

As a result of cleaning your home in this way you may have a lengthy list on your phone that has actually been on your mind.  You know that list in your mind that disappears the minute you walk into a Target? 

It’s all in the details.  Details make a room special.  Details take time not necessarily money.  It may just be a tweak.  
1.  To notice them
2. To do something about them

Always think what’s in your control right now?  What can you improve right now?
For example, cover the tiny light on the speaker in the bedroom with a piece of electrical tape instead of a washcloth:  Complete darkness!  So #nestpretty!

The feeling you feel when you turn your home into a crime scene:


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