No Pee Pee For Free!  You’ve Got To Buy The Fry!

I regularly get flyers for a local discount food store. They are always boasting about their cheap fruits and vegetables. And they’re right; they have great prices, so I finally went and bought a melon. It was really inexpensive and looked great. But by the time I got it from the store to my kitchen it had left its juices all over the backseat. When I cut it open, it was brown and mushy, and smelled a bit musty. Was that a deal? Would you want to eat it?
Now it is true, we all want something for nothing and we love a sale. For example, have you ever complimented someone on something they are wearing only to be told how much they paid for it? Why? Because for them, getting the deal was part of the fun. But how many times have you bought something that was on sale or clearance, only to get it home and find out it wasn’t worth what you paid?
The reality is that no matter what, you are always going to pay—either up front or later. This is because there is “no pee-pee for free. You have to buy the fry.” (This is one of my favorite expressions. Click here to see why.) Quality doesn’t come cheap. So when I am going to purchase something, especially something that could affect my health or that of my family, I have decided that instead of asking myself why is this so expensive, I am going to ask the opposite—why is this so cheap?
Think about what you ingest, inhale, or slather on your skin—lotions, shampoos, room sprays, and household cleaners. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s a deal. I remember there is a household cleaner at the dollar store that is awesome in that it cuts through everything, including paint. But that makes me wonder—if it could do that to whatever surface I sprayed it on, what is it doing to me? There is no pee-pee for free! Sooner or later, all those chemicals will add up and your body will make you buy the fry.
The same is true for drug store and grocery store essential oils. They may be inexpensive and affordable, but you need to do the research. Ask yourself: What is really in it? Is it what it says it is? Will it make me healthier or unhealthier? If I ingest it or put it on my skin, could I do more harm than good? Is it quality at a great price or just cheap?
To me, it’s worth buying quality products for me and my family, no matter the how much it may cost. I don’t want to “cheap out” at the wrong time just to save a few dollars. So I dare you to Nest Pretty by choosing to focus on quality, not on price. Ask yourself: Why is this so cheap? Choose to buy the fry now, so you don’t have to pay for it later, because the honest truth is—there is no pee-pee for free.

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