Memories…Like the Corners of My Mind

Let’s take a walk…

  What do you want people to remember about you when you die? Not to be morbid, but this was a question posed to Judah and me a few years ago, and it made us stop and think. Was there anything we were holding on to that we didn’t want people to see or know about us?

Uh, how about our love letters from yesteryear? We had kept them for years in a lovely little box in our closet. Once the letters were safely stored, the box was never again opened, but it went with us wherever we went—from Michigan to New York, from home to home. Filled with past moments in time, and wonderful, precious memories—we never wanted to part with them.

That is, until we thought about dying and the possibility of somebody else reading the sugary sweet expressions of our burgeoning, teenage love. It scared us more than the thought of a horrific, untimely death! We both came to the same conclusion—the evidence must be destroyed.

So we decided to make a date night of it. We spread our love letters out on the floor, lit some candles, opened a bottle of wine, and spent our evening reading our love letters. Although the letters went perfect with our wine—they were so cheesy—we couldn’t make it through three months of a two-year courtship before we were sick to our stomachs.

We decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Well, not really. We did, however, take them to the shredder and made the most beautiful multi-colored confetti…

My very personal experience helped me to realize that so many of us live our entire lives working hard to provide a legacy—to be remembered. But then in the end, we fail to consider that the memory of us people may be left with is that we couldn’t throw anything away.

This week, I am asking you Nesters to think about that question—What do you want people to know about you when you die? Think about that as you walk through your garage, hang out in your basement, work in your shed, rifle through your love letters and cards, or pass your collections of shot glasses, troll dolls, thimbles, baseball cards, and/or McDonald’s paraphernalia.

Whatever is left behind will be seen by friends, family, and all those people who will be welcomed to your estate sale but who you would never, under any other circumstance, let into your house. It becomes part of your legacy whether you want it to or not. So choose to Nest Pretty and choose to discard any potentially embarrassing collections of just worthless stuff. Because cheesy love letters should only be read by you and your husband over candlelight and a bottle of wine.

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