Mineral Foundation— Wet or Dry And how to choose

Do you use foundation? Years ago, I felt like I had so much to cover up. Zits? Hide them. Freckles? Gross! Dark circles under my eyes? Somebody get me some sunglasses!

Now I look back and realize how ridiculous I was being, but that didn’t stop me from slathering on foundation in the hopes of covering up my perceived flaws. And I am sure so many women wear makeup for the same reason. They look at themselves in the mirror and all they see is what they think detracts from their beauty. So they attempt to cover it up. I know, because that’s what I was doing. 

But then one day, I was asked to be trained in professional makeup application…and my whole outlook changed.

I realized I was wearing too much make-up! I wasn’t actually covering anything because, let’s face it, a zit’s hot, red glow eventually shines through, freckles are cute not grotesque, and makeup only pools around your dark circles. It doesn’t hide them, it only makes them worse!

So I changed not only how I applied my makeup, but I also changed how I thought about myself and my “flaws.” I revamped my beauty routine.

In addition to that, a few years ago, I switched from using commercial foundations to a natural, plant-based foundation that is actually good for my skin—Young Living’s Savvy Mineral Make-up.

This foundation can be applied wet or dry. The dry application gives a nice, light coverage which is perfect for younger, oilier skin. It actually almost adheres to the oils in the skin and, even though it goes on light, the coverage gets better as the day wears on. 

I have a girlfriend who always applies it dry for just that reason. And when she does her workout later in the day, while the liquid foundation she used to use ended up sliding down her face as she sweat, making her feel that she needed to wash her face and start all over, the Savvy minerals stays put so she doesn’t feel like she needs to reapply. Not bad for a plant-based, mineral makeup.

I personally like to apply it wet. My skin is dry in general and I feel like the wet application gives me the better coverage I am looking for without drying me out even more. Young Living makes a wonderful misting spray that includes essential oils—cedarwood, geranium, lavender, and rose. It’s fantastic! I just mist it onto my kabuki brush and dip it into my makeup. Super easy, super finish!

So, do you use foundation? Why not ditch the chemical-laden drugstore or department store foundation and try something natural? Applying it wet or dry depends on you, your skin tone, and your desired coverage. But no matter how you wear it, you will shine through—not your perceived flaws—just you.

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