Moose and Squirrel

Squirrel brain
Ever feel like you have squirrel brain? SQUIRREL
It’s Friday already—where does the time go? I feel like I’ve been running all week, constantly behind and trying to catch up. Do you feel like that?
The pace of life is so hectic and, at times, frantic. My days run together and it feels like I don’t even have time to breathe. (It’s hard to believe Tuesday was three days ago, right?) Now I look around, and my home is beginning to resemble how I feel—a bit disorganized and a little disheveled. I would love to use today to do something to get my life back in order, because the last thing I want is to wake up to a mess on Saturday morning.
However, when there’s so much to do all at once, I have to be careful not to succumb to housekeeping “squirrel brain.” You know—that’s when you begin cleaning your refrigerator but then—SQUIRREL!—remember you need to strip your bed and start a load of laundry. On your way back from the laundry room—SQUIRREL!—you grab the vacuum because the hall closet is dirty only to— SQUIRREL!—stop off at the guest bath and begin cleaning the tub. It took me 8 hours last week to clean my house because I was so distracted from cleaning to organize and to redecorate. Never again!
If you’ve ever found yourself with a bad case of squirrel brain, start by diffusing rosemary essential oil before you begin cleaning (it’s my go-to oil for squirrel brain). And try this: don’t do everything all at once. I know—that should be obvious right? But sometimes it’s so hard to put into practice. Instead, try to take it one thing, or one room, at a time. This will save you from being in an ‘all and nothing’ situation—all rooms are being cleaned, but nothing actually gets done. 
This also goes for home organization. By focusing on just one thing at a time, you have the assurance that the room or item that has your attention will be done right. In fact, you may be so satisfied with the improvement of just that one little thing that it energizes you to continue and to do one more thing. After all, success is addictive!
Friday is the last day of what is for most people—including myselfa busy week. Don’t beat yourself up because your house isn’t perfect, but realize that you can keep it from spinning out of control by saying ‘no’ to squirrel brain and focusing on one thing at a time. That one thing may only take you two minutes, but the effects can be energizing, motivating, and encouraging. So stick to your schedule, set a timer, and get to work.
I dare you to Nest Pretty today and just say ‘no’ to squirrel brain. Do just one little thing and see where your focus takes you.

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