Morning Master Multitasker…

Coffee and a watch
How well are you juggling all that you have to do in the morning?
The ability to multitask is really a form of art–the art of botching up multiple things all at once. We all think that killing two birds with one stone will actually save us time. But is that true? I have found that some tasks, if done together, can actually lead to some embarrassing multitasking-fails.

For instance, making your bed while brushing your teeth is one of those fails. These are two trivial tasks that we do everyday, but they are impossible for to do together. For either we do a terrible job of brushing our teeth, or the bed suffers the consequences.

But maybe you are one of those people who feels like the 2-5 minutes you spend foaming at the mouth in the morning can be spent doing something else equally productive. If so, then think about doing squats or leg raises while you brush. Engage the muscles not the mind so the focus is where it should be—keeping your mouth cavity-free.

In the meantime, let that bed of yours air out. While you were sleeping, you’re breathing all of the oxygen in the room and replacing it with damp carbon dioxide. On top of that, you soaked your sheets with perspiration and body oils. Eww. So it’s not a bad idea to give your bedding, and the room itself, time to recoup from the experience. Throw back the covers, open a window, and turn on a fan. Let that baby air out.

Additionally, I keep a bottle of diluted Thieves household cleaner nearby. Before making the bed with fresh sheets, I spray the mattress down and allow it dry. By doing this I am helping to keep the ecology of the room in balance.

This week, choose to Nest Pretty and keep the multitasking to a minimum. By focusing on one thing at a time, you will be able to reduce your stress and ensure that the tasks are done right the first time. Not a bad way to start the day…

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