Nest Pretty Challenge Week 2

What is YOUR drawer?

You know the one…..the drawer that gives you angst every time you open it.  The one you hope your company doesn’t open when they are helping in the kitchen.  The one you despise so much that you throw stuff into and close it as quickly as possible.
​Here’s Mine:
My silverware drawer.  It is a magnet for extra…….plant food?  Packets of soy sauce?  Key rings?  Menus and garbage ties? ​​
Nest Pretty Challenge Step 1:
Empty the drawer that is driving you nuts and edit ruthlessly.  Throw the soy sauce away they will give you more next time you order Chinese takeout! 
Nest Pretty Challenge Step 2:
Thoroughly clean the drawer.  I use the Thieves Household cleaner and a microfiber cloth.  It makes short work of any cleaning task and it is a plant based cleaner infused with essential oils.  To learn about how you can use this to clean your entire house watch this video
Clean your drawer organizer.  This organizer is from Ikea it is large and fills the drawer with storage instead of leaving big gaps of unused space.  Invest in a storage solution that will improve the drawer of your nightmares.
Nest Pretty Challenge Step 3:  Enjoy The Reward
That wasn’t so bad….
It took me less than 10 minutes to give me the feeling of control and pride.
The Nest Pretty Challenge:
Nest Pretty Challenge #2 I challenge you this week to clean out YOUR drawer.  Choose to Nest Pretty by taking 10 minutes to ruthlessly clean and organize that drawer that is driving you nuts!
Choose to de-stress.  Choose to loose the chaos and regain control one Nest Pretty challenge at a time! In fact this feeling of regaining control of our mess and chaos can be very motivating.  Just don’t wear yourself out.  That is how past attempts at organization have failed leaving us feeling overwhelmed… only too give up.  So celebrate this win and if you are inclined to tackle another drawer of angst set a timer for ten minuets and see what you can accomplish.
Remember Nest Pretty is about small choices everyday that add up to a beautiful life.

Don’t forget to Instagram your before and after pictures of your weekly challenge and be sure you #nestprettychallenge2018

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