Nest Pretty Challenge Week 3:  Clean Up Your Beauty Routine!

1.  Nest Pretty: Empty The Drawer That Holds Your Makeup.
2. Nest Pretty: Ruthlessly Edit Your Makeup
Here’s the thing…. makeup expires.  It’s shelf life is short… and since we use it on our face and near our eyes we need it to be fresh and clean not full of bacteria, dirt, and oil.
​Consider these guidelines:
Liquid Foundation:  6-12 months
Powered foundation:  2 years
Powdered or stick Concealer: 2 years
Powdered Blush: 2 years
Cream blush: 1 year
Lipstick:  1 year
Mascara:  2-3 months
Eye shadow:  3 months
Eye liner: 3 months & sharpen regularly
It makes sense that any makeup that we use near our eyes should be very fresh and cleaned scrupulously to avoid contaminating our very sensitive eyes.
You may be shocked by how much needs to be discarded.  I was!
3.  Nest Pretty:  With a Fresh Start!  

Make it a goal to replace your discarded make up with a brand that is not full of chemicals,  synthetics & fillers.  I have settled on a brand that is clean and it’s just another small choice that adds up to a beautiful life.  (I still need to switch my mascara brand!  It’s a process! )
4.  Nest Pretty:  Clean Your Makeup Brushes at Least Once a Month

  • Wash them with a gentle shampoo
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Apply a conditioner
  • Rinse thoroughly 
  • Roll a towel and lay the brushes on it so that:

             1.  Your brushes are not smashed by lying on a flat surface
            2.  Water does not settle into the base thus weakening the glue holding your                           brush together.

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