Nest Pretty Challenge Week 4:  Under The Sink

If you are like me at all you may have places that you tend to stash and dash.  We are always in a hurry to get things done like feed our families, get to work or to workout and we may stash things that do not have a permanent home.
Welcome to under my kitchen sink: 
It can get a little crazy down under here and it’s a good idea to give it some attention on a regular basis.  Because 1.) there is a potential for leaks and it’s best to catch those earlier rather than later, 2.) I go into this cupboard daily so I don’t want it to be a source of annoyance, and
3.) if I want help in the kitchen I need to be organized and the cleaning supplies need to be self-explanitory!

This challenge will not take long and the feeling of pride that it will give you is so worth it!
1.  Nest Pretty:  Empty Everything from Under Your Sink
2. Nest Pretty:  Wipe it clean.
I use a plant based household cleaner and a microfiber cloth.  Take a few extra minutes to wipe down and condition the cupboard doors and surrounding cupboard.
For the furniture polish recipe and more tips on how to use a plant based Household Cleaner to clean your entire home watch this video
3. Nest Pretty:  Reassess What You Store Under Your Sink
Edit Edit Edit
I had items that could be more useful stored elsewhere
And Items to just throw away. 
​I am in the process of ditching chemicals and switching them with plant based all natural items that are more in line with our health and wellness goals.
4.  Identify the Emotion You Feel When Your Space is Neat & Tidy
Nest Pretty Tip:
I like to use plastic drawers that make use of normally wasted vertical space and they help to corral those necessary items like bottle brushes and scrub pads.

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