Nest Pretty Challenge Week 5:  That’s Bananas!

I once read a book that dramatically influenced me.  It spoke about organizing our homes in view of what we don’t want to leave for our loved ones to clean up in the event of our untimely death.
I had plans to travel to Africa for the first time and I was afraid I would not return with all the talk of malaria and lions! So, I went about cleaning and organizing my life with a view of not coming home!
This mission took me to my freezer and I was dismayed and shocked to find 33 bananas!
My husband loves bananas but only to a certain point…..and then into the freezer they went WHOLE so that “I could make banana bread” in the future……I’m so glad I cleaned my freezer and I survived the most amazing trip to Africa!
So I say all of that to say this: 
Nest Pretty Challenge Week 5:
Clean out your freezer and please share: What are your bananas?

Nest Pretty Tip: Keep these Items fresh in your freezer:

  • Bananas: Unpeeled and cut into one inch sized chunks ready to be added into a smoothie. (Why didn’t I know this? It’s brilliant!!!!!)
  • Whole Ginger: You never know when you’ll be in the mood for Thai or need a good tea to soothe your tummy and you can just grate what you need off of the root.
  • Chicken Soup: It’s a personal goal of mine to always have homemade chicken soup in my freezer. Because I want to always be ready when someone is in need, and you never know when you will be sick and the last thing you need to do when you’re sick is make a delicious chicken soup.

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