Nest Pretty Challenge Week 6:  A Clean Slate!

For this week I challenge you to clean the slate!  For at least one week clear off your countertops to include ONLY items that you use EVERYDAY.  
According to the January 2018 issue of REAL SIMPLE:  “A cluttered kitchen can bring on the munchies.  A study published in Environment and Behavior found that woman in a messy kitchen ate twice as many cookies as woman in the same kitchen when it was organized and quiet.”
Organized and quiet…..what a great goal for the week.
The same article stated, “being in a chaotic space makes you think, “I can’t keep anything straight; why should I even try?””
Nest Pretty Challenge #6:
Clean off your countertops with this goal:  Organized and quiet. Notice how this affects your outlook, will power, and sense of control of your life.  Also, notice how much easier it is to clean your kitchen. 

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