Nest Pretty Tip No. 16

​Do you ever turn down spending time with friends because your laundry pile is so high you can’t find the front door? Doesn’t it seem like overnight the laundry gets out of control and holds your precious free time hostage? How do you keep the laundry in its proper place so that you can Nest Pretty? A savvy girlfriend of mine, a mother of four, shared a solution with me that worked for her. For those of you that have day-laborers otherwise known as children living at home, this idea may work for you too.
My girlfriend’s weekends and evenings were completely consumed by dirty laundry. With a family of six to care for, she found her social life held for ransom by her LG. Since machines aren’t flexible, or reasonable hostage-takers, she decided to end the stand-off with her unmentionables and hire her kids to do the job. This took some convincing and wage- negotiation. While the kids didn’t revel in the chance to be up to their elbows in their siblings’ dirty chonies, they did appreciate the chance to earn some extra money. For a load of laundry, washed and dried, she paid a dollar. For items that needed pressing she paid $.25 a piece. Success! Laundry was done and, with a little training, was done well. She said that two wonderful solutions came out of this one constant problem—she got her life back and the kids learned to work hard and appreciate the value of a paycheck.
Herein lies the golden nugget: Nothing says ‘I love you’ like teaching your children to be self-sufficient, and to know how to keep whites white instead of pink. So, if your social life is being held for ransom by your piles of dirty clothes, ask yourself: Can I hire my kids to do the laundry? Giving them household responsibilities with rewards will not only lessen your load, but will also help them to learn to Nest Pretty.
So, become a laundry-negotiator and you may just be able to take back your evenings and weekends from washing captivity!

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