Nest Pretty with a Capsule Wardrobe…One season at a time!



In just a few minutes you can switch out your capsule wardrobe for the next three months.  That means you will be prepared for the elements and anything that your calendar throws at you.

​Helpful Tips to Nest Pretty by Switching Out Your Capsule Wardrobe:  

  • What will be the average high and low temperature for the next three months?
  • Note the average rainfall, snowfall, humidity and how often you will be outside vs. indoors.
  • What types of clothes will keep you the most comfortable during the next three months?
  • Check your calendar and note any special events or trips that you have planned for this season and plan accordingly.
  • If there are obvious gaps in your wardrobe make a list of what is needed and add it to your shopping list.
  • Don’t forget to replace your foundation pieces that may be tired and worn out.  They don’t last forever ya know!

Why I Love To Nest Pretty With A Capsule Wardrobe:

  • It simplifies my choices in the morning!  Who doesn’t need that?  To learn what convinced me of the benefits of a capsule wardrobe read Nearly Naked and Unafraid.
  • Reduces decision fatigue by presenting me with only the options that I LOVE for inspiration read De-stress that mess
  • It is helping me to curate a high quality wardrobe one season at a time based on my real needs.

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