New Season:  New Capsule Wardrobe, Essential Oil, and Mascara!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe Anyway?

For me it is only having in my closet what I need for the current season.  The rest is stored in another location (think:  Closet, suitcase, plastic bins, garment bags) out of sight and mind.
The idea is to pare down your choices to reduce the amount of mental energy and possible angst involved with getting dressed everyday (think: vacation and how easy it is to get dressed when you are limited to only your favorite options that fit and you love) READ MORE ABOUT A CAPSULE WARDROBE

Elemi Essentinal Oil

You can purchase Elemi at retail price here but if you’d like to save 24% and get an AMAZING offer with 11 essential oils as well as a diffuser, you should consider becoming a wholesale member.  Membership is FREE after you purchase a Premium Stater Kit and allows you to save 24% on retail pricing FOREVER as long as you purchase a total of 50 PV  (ABOUT $50) per year.  Trust me, that will not be a problem once you fall in love with Young Living’s essential oils, supplements, cleaning and personal products!  Yes!  It’s a one stop shop!  SOOO Nest Pretty!

Time for a New Mascara!

Here’s the thing…. makeup expires.  It’s shelf life is short… and since we use it on our face and near our eyes we need it to be fresh and clean not full of bacteria, dirt, and oil. Guidelines
I’m in love with the new Savvy Minerals makeup by Young Living.  It is a great product minus the junk & yuck and infused with lavender essential oil which helps to nourish your lashes.
This is week 30 of the year and with small choices everyday, every week, every month we can design a beautiful life!
The feeling I feel when I have a fresh closet, mascara, and and essential oil to help ground me:


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