Put a Sock in it!

            When I was a kid, I had four pairs of shoes: Mary-Janes, Reeboks, and two pairs of jellies. Now those little jellies were my favorites. And for my mom, the price was right—cheap. One pair was pink, and one pair was clear, but both had sparkles. They gave me horrible blisters and were quite painful to wear, but they were oh so cute. I loved my jellies.
            I still love shoes. They add a little something to every outfit. Basic black dress? Meet my candy apple red shoes. Wearing brown? Bring out the animal print. Levi’s? I nominate anything metallic. Knowing that my outfit is complete from head to toe gives me joy, courage, and self-confidence that does not go unnoticed. But if I am going to stay true to the principle of a capsule wardrobe, it means putting my inner Imelda Marcos in a headlock. I can’t keep shoes for every possible event–it just isn’t necessary or even practical.
            Isn’t it true that most of the time you find yourself gravitating to the same pairs of shoes anyway? No doubt it’s because they are both cute and comfortable–or in some cases, just comfortable. That’s perfectly fine, but then why do you have so many pairs of shoes that you either don’t wear at all, or hardly ever wear? As I’ve said before, life is too short and closets are too small to hold on to things you don’t use. So since we have arrived at the end of our September capsule wardrobe month, I thought that now might be a good time to try a nestpretty throw-down.” Here we go:
Turn all of your shoes heels out. As you wear a pair, put them away heels in. At the end of the season, which shoes have you worn? Which shoes have you not used? Donate or throw out the shoes that didn’t make the grade. They’re just taking up space in your closet. This includes those sequined shoes you’ve been holding onto since G. W. Bush was president. Do yourself a favor–instead of hanging on to a pair of shoes for that once in-a-decade wedding–just buy new shoes that you can do the cha-cha slide in without tearing up your feet.
            The days of Mary-Janes, Reeboks, and jellies are long gone. Life is far more complicated and stressful now than it has ever been. I still love shoes, but now I find that what I value and love more is a simple life, simple choices, and as little stress as possible, while still looking my best. Pairing down your shoes in your capsule wardrobe can help you achieve just that. So if you’re ready to do the “nestpretty throw-down,” I suggest you jump in with both feet.

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