My friend Jen is an amazing wife, mom of 4 kids, sister, creative, active volunteer, learning and growing everyday as a family.
I observed her firsthand declare a RESET.  It was in the middle of the day, kids were being kids and the house was on its way to a disaster.
She declared a RESET and all four of her kids went into a cleaning frenzy putting away all the toys and shoes and clothes returning the home to order in a matter of minutes only to be followed by reading time!
This mom of four is brilliant.  Not only did her home return to order but she enjoyed 30 minutes if quiet time afterwards.

What would your reset look like? Feel like? Sound like?  I dare you to RESET!

I personally am in for a RESET after many weeks of guests and vicariously living a vacation lifestyle through them.  My diet and exercise routine is ready for a RESET.   

1.  Water and lots of it!
2.  Eat clean and green!
3.  Exercise everyday!
he feeling I enjoy when I RESET?


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