Routine Examination


Have you been to the doctor lately? Most of us go for annual checkups. We get our blood drawn and endure through pricks and prods all to be sure that everything is working like it should.
But as we get older, some checkups may reveal that we have to make some adjustments. Sometimes it requires drastic lifestyle changes, but most of the time we just have to make little tweaks to keep ourselves healthy. But whatever adjustments are needed, we make them because they are necessary and they benefit us.
The same is true for our daily and weekly routines. We should regularly reexamine them to see if they are still working for us. If they are not, are we willing to make adjustments? Some may be drastic, but more than likely, our routines may just require little tweaks to bring us the most benefit. So here’s the question: when was the last time you reevaluated your routines?
Since spring is here, a time of renewal and rebirth, it’s a perfect time to review and renew the routines we have in place. So pick the top three that you think need the most attention. Then review and renew. Not sure which routines you should start with? Let me give you some examples:

Morning routine:

  • Do you shower in the morning or in the evening? If you shower in the morning, is that still working for you? Or do you find yourself unable to finish getting ready and wind up finishing your face in the car mirror as you rush to work?
  • Do you make breakfast in the morning, or could you tweak your schedule by prepping your breakfast (or at least part of it) the night before?
  • Have you made adjustments but still find yourself succumbing to road rage just to get to work on time? Would choosing your outfit the night before or waking up a few minutes earlier help?

 Review and renew. What can help you feel less rushed in the morning?

Laundry routine:

  • Are you able to get all your weekly laundry done? Or do your clothes only find their way out of the laundry basket when you want to wear them?
  • Do you spend too much of your free time on the weekend washing and ironing clothes?

 Review and renew. What practical routine can you put in place to ensure that your laundry doesn’t suck up all your social time? Would making a chore list help?

Mail routine:

  • When you come home, do you drop your mail on the kitchen table or stash in some drawer where it stays for weeks or months at a time?
  • Do you find it hard to pay your bills on time? Keep reasonably good records?

Review and renew. What would help you organize your mail and keep it off the table? What would help you pay your bills on time?

What about who fills up the car with gas? Who takes out the trash? Are you able to exercise regularly? Our lives are filled with routines. Which ones are not working for you?
Review, reevaluate, and renew! Brainstorm with your husband, or the other members of your family. Get them involved, especially if you’re not the only one living in the house.

Don’t be afraid to continue editing as you go along. You don’t have to wait a year. If something isn’t working for you, fix it. After all, if the doctor puts you on a medication that makes you miserable, you don’t keep taking it. You get it adjusted. The same goes for your daily and weekly routines. Make them work for you. Edit, edit, and reedit.
Choose to Nest Pretty by taking the time to review and renew. De-stress your life by taking charge of your daily and weekly routines and make them work for you!

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