Say Cheese!

Heidi Gammill
Owner of Nest Pretty

There was a time when I couldn’t smile.  And if i did it was 1000% fake!

At the time my health & hormones were out of whack which literally affects everything in your life including your ability to smile authentically.

Having gone through that period in my life and literally fighting my way back to “normal” I can see fake smiles a mile a way and I’m positive they find my smile annoying.  

​Been there!

There’s nothing like being able to smile like you mean it, to be happy, & exuberant.

While at this time of year most love to look forward with anticipation and goal setting.
​ I see the benefits of looking back.

At the very simple yet insightful prompts of Marieforleo These are the three questions I’m pondering:

What are you proud of?

Out of the 52 week challenge I posted 43 challenges!  So proud!

What mistakes did you make and what did you learn?

I bought 5 planners this year.  Granted, one was for business and one for the family but there’s no excuse for the other 3 and ultimately I’m dying to go totally digital…yet I love to write with a pen.  I learned that you can’t maintain 5 planners! Let’s go digital this year……at Nest Pretty!

What can you let go of?

I’m tired of the story that I’ve been repeating for three years:
“I’m still trying to figure everything out!”

Newsflash… is everyone else!

So, at the end of a year that i’m proud of, i’m most proud of the fact that i’m still smiling!
​I’d love to hear from you and what you learned in 2018.

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