Show Yourself Thankful

​My orange cashmere hat and scarf set given to me by @jencalbert. What a luxurious gift that has served me so well over the years. Two things I love about it is that I NEVER would have bought it for myself and I NEVER would have chosen the color! I love that it pushed me softly out of my comfort zone and I rock it with so much love thinking of my dear friend! 💕 Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil was a gift from @younglivingeo which supports my wellness adventure and gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that you get this time of year from spicy things. And I would have NEVER chosen it myself but am so glad to enjoy the benefits in a warm cup of tea!   (see full post)
My bowl cozi made for me by @siebjack. There is nothing I love more than to “belly up” to a big bowl of soup and this cozi makes it possible! I can hold the hot bowl as I scoop the deliciousness in! It’s also wonderful for a cold bowl of ice cream. Lime essential oil was a gift from @younglivingeo which is so wonderful to have in the kitchen when you whip together a Thai curry but don’t have a lime!   (see full post)


An Adirondack chair facing the South-Western sky AKA the warm sun! A perfect gift from a guest who noticed a need @playhousegarden, a colorful African sarong given by a talented gift-giver @cwwinks. It is an item that is so special to me for it reminds me of my dear self-sacrificing friend! Thieves Vitality was a gift from @younglivingeo which is a must for this time of the year in view of a dangerous, persistent flu season.  I appreciate the immune support not only from the Thieves Vitality but also from the added vitamin D from my front porch. Every little bit helps!  (see full post)
The gifts I am most grateful for weren’t expensive, but they were memorable, given to me by people I love. To me, those are the best giftsthe practical ones I use everyday that cause my mind to reflect on the special people I have in my life. So…what gifts are you grateful for?

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