Snow Birds of Paradise

I love a good old-fashioned Florida summer. It’s hot and humid—good for the muscles, hair, and skin. But I’m working on a condo clean-out right now (a Nest Pretty service), and it is reminding me what a disservice this climate is to homes that sit for months on end.

When a Florida home sits dormant through the summer months, the inside of the house can reach upwards of 130 degrees. It’s almost like your little Florida condo contracts a “snow-bird flu.” Not much survives at that temperature. In fact, just like when your body has a fever, such extreme temperatures can cause serious problems—problems such as mildew and mold. It can also cause your canned food stuffs to explode! Imagine coming down after six months up north only to find your pantry plastered in baked beans and diced tomatoes…not a Nest Pretty sight for sure!

As a cure for this unique flu, I offer my Nest Pretty Condo Clean Out service. Are you heading to Florida soon—maybe in the next couple of weeks or months? Would you like your condo cleaned out before you arrive? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can trust to clean and prepare it for your winter stay?

Or perhaps your parents have a Florida condo or second home that has sat empty for a couple of years. Are you thinking of selling your parents’ property? Wouldn’t it be a relief to be able to hire someone with a respectful, discerning eye to prepare it for sale? I would love to take a load off your mind, especially if you are thousands of miles away and have your own responsibilities and family to care for.

Consider me your ‘boots on the ground.’ I use FaceTime and video to show the contents of the home so my clients can make decisions regarding personal items—whether they should stay or go. I arrange for needed services, such as carpet cleaning, painting, light carpentry, or mold remediation. I also arrange for the shipment of items such as family heirlooms, or other pieces that just can not be parted with. Then I expedite the clear-out, clean-up, and donation of any unwanted or unneeded items.

If you decided to donate items, I list them with their approximate value. Once the non-profit organization signs off, the receipt is yours, ensuring procurement of any tax deductions that could be obtained from such donations.

The Nest Pretty Condo Clean Out is a service you can count on. If you have a Florida property that has contracted the “snow-bird flu,” give me a call. I can clean, recharge, and refresh your home before you arrive. Or, if you are thinking of putting the property on the market, I can help you salvage what matters most and then clean and prepare the property for sale. Contact me if my Nest Pretty Condo Clean Out can be of service to you.


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