Spring Fling

It’s officially spring, despite what your Weather app is saying about the northeast. Flowers are blooming; leaves are coming out on the trees; nude stretch pants are once again making their presence felt.

I know what you’re thinking–nude stretch pants should never be bought, let alone worn, and I agree. Let’s be honest–oatmeal and nude are not colors. Oatmeal is a breakfast cereal, and as I have said before, friends shouldn’t let friends wear Quaker Oats. Nude, on the other hand, is…well…nude is a bedroom outfit that should not be worn in public.

But I saw a woman, just the other day, wearing her nude leggings, proudly displaying her nearly-naked legs. After doing a horrified double-take to make sure that she was, in fact, wearing “pants,” the color reminded me–it’s time for my spring capsule-wardrobe change-out. So I decided that this weekend I will retire my winter clothes and bring in my spring outfits.

What is in my spring collection? I will upload a video to youtube this weekend, so stay tuned. Follow this link to subscribe to my youtube channel and never miss a video! And don’t worry, my capsule wardrobe does not include nude leggings.

4 thoughts on “Spring Fling”

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    Whenever I think that Spring season is about to come, I feel a different kind of happiness. Flowers everywhere are blooming and leaves are starting to show once again. It’s truly a season to be happy. At the same time, I am thinking of going out. It’s a season wherein we are free to do anything we want. Let’s maximize the moment while it’s still there so that everyone will be happy! Many are waiting for Spring season to come!

  2. Heidi Gammill

    Thank you for your comment! I agree that Springtime is the most invigorating and happy time of the year!

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