Spring Into Action

In an earlier chapter of my life, my husband and I were full-time volunteers for an international non-profit organization. We loved our lifestyle and where we worked. One of the things I appreciate down to this day, however, is the emphasis they put on cleaning and organizing personal spaces. Beyond the routine cleaning schedules, we had one day in April to spring clean our offices, and three days in May to spring clean our homes.

I loved spring cleaning and purging myself of all of the unnecessary clutter in my life. It was so liberating! But, I’ll admit, it was a bit stressful trying to get everything done in just three days. It wasn’t that I qualified for an episode of Hoarders or anything, but let’s face it: the longer you live, the more things you accumulate.

When I moved to Florida, I didn’t want to lose that yearly ritual. But I had to figure out a new way to get it done. So I settled on a completely different approach. Instead of tearing my house apart and putting back together in three frenzied days, I decided to do my spring cleaning a little at a time throughout the year.

I took my living spaces and divided them by twelve. I chose one space to spring clean every month. Friends have asked how I came up with this idea. Maybe it was because, after vying for seats with seniors for the early-bird specials, I felt like my evenings were longer. Or perhaps I needed to do something productive when sheltering in place during a hurricane…either way I found the time, and it works for me.

And it can work for you too. Take a look at your living space—bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, laundry room, garage, or basement. Divide it into twelve months. What can you realistically do in an evening, day, or weekend? Map it out and schedule it.

For instance, the catch-all drawer that was Nest Pretty Challenge #2—did you clean it? Or maybe the culprit is your entertainment unit, the pantry in your kitchen, your closet—can you spring clean those in a weekend, day, or evening? What about the linen closet, under-the-sink cabinet in the bathroom or kitchen, or even just one wall in the garage? Assign it a spot in the month and spring clean it!

Nothing helps me de-stress more than organizing my life, and it can help you too. Spring cleaning throughout the year is easy and manageable. And the best part is, now instead of spending three days in a cleaning frenzy, I began a new May tradition: a three-day celebration of my clean and organized home.


Think about this: Do you feel too busy to clean? Is your cleaning routine too complicated? Would you like to clean your home naturally because of the adverse health effects of household cleaning chemicals but don’t know where to start?

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